– What happens after I agree to sell my car?

Once you have agreed to sell your car, we will direct you to the respective dealership which offered you the highest auctioned price.

– How do I make an appointment?

Easy, just let us know when you are free and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll set the appointment for you to meet the winning dealer.

– Will I get the price as quoted/offered?

Do keep in mind that the price offered is still pending review and inspection of the car. Offer prices may differ according to the condition of your car.

– What do I need to bring to finalize the sale?

All that you need to bring to finalize the deal is the vehicle registration card, the owner of the car, and the car itself.

– Is there a transaction fee?

Nope. There’s no fees at all. Our services are completely free for vehicle sellers.

– Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or a friend?

Unfortunately we require the owner to be present for ownership transfer (since thumbprint is involved) during transaction.

– Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

Yes. We need you to bring along the following:
– A form of photo identification for the person bringing the car.
– Letter signed from the company director giving authorisation for that person to sell on their behalf.
– Company account details e.g. company bank statement.
– One form of identification for the business address.
– Both sets of car keys if available.
– All service history if available.

Further documentation may be required depending on the scenario, which you will be advised during the inspection appointment.