5 Simple Step To Improve Your Old Car

Red old car cruising through a garden

Much like a person, your car will be age and it will definitely go through some wear and tear and after a certain number of years, you will definitely need to spend a little more time ensuring that the car is well taken care of and improve its condition. Of course buying a new car sounds like a great idea, but with the cost of living being high and steadily increasing, it might not be a viable option. Just because your car is old, this does not mean that you need to sell the car and live beyond your means just to purchase a brand new car. These are some simple ways to make your old car feel like new and we will highlight them in this post.


#1 Clean Everything


A sponge with soaps cleaning the car

Image: auto-square.co.uk

When we say clean everything, we mean, EVERYTHING. It’s not just a normal vacuum and a wipe down but rather a proper scrubbing and in every nook and cranny, you can find. This would mean that you need to remove the mats and scrub it and leave it out in the hot sun to dry and throw everything out from your trunk as well. All those dried leaves and spare shoes need to go! If it’s possible, you would need to clean the bottom of the car as well. You could go to a proper professional to get this done. Cleaning is obviously the first step, not only for obvious reasons but rather because of the deep cleaning, you might uncover certain problems that you never noticed before.

#2 Improve the Electronics
Sony Car Radio Brand New

Image: tastyautos.com

Everyone loves a good rocking out session in the car and to do that you would most definitely need a great stereo. Even if you car is a few years old, you will already have a system that is outdated. To give your car the new feeling, you could trade the old-school radio and integrate the more current models. Ensure that you get a model that has Bluetooth, a CD player and an AUX cord attached. If there is an option to get a USB attachment as well, you should definitely go for it. In addition to that, spending that extra money and purchasing a better speaker system will help improve the acoustics of the car.

#3 Regular Maintenance
A mechanic is checking the engine oil

Image: linders.ie

This is a no-brainer. If you want to make sure your car lasts, always send it for regular maintaining. Doing this will ensure that your car stays up to date when it comes to its maintenance. Cars do need constant taking care of and always sending it to the workshop will help it loads. Trust us when we say that cars that are maintained regularly get sold a lot easier because potential buyers trust that the car is in better shape than the rest. Think of it as doing a favor for yourself because the more you maintain the car, the chances of it breaking down are lowered significantly. You are also doing a favor for the future buyer of your car!

#4 Always Change The Engine Oil

Image: oliverianauto.com

We asked our experts and they said that the number one thing to change is always the engine oil. This is especially more important when it comes to older cars. The engine oil keeps the most important part to your car well lubricated and when it is well lubricated, this just means that it doesn’t overheat and deteriorate over time. The engine cannot function without it and go without proper engine oil will cause permanent damage.

In addition to just changing your oil, you will also need to change the oil filter. The oil filter acts like a catch-all system when it comes to the dust and debris in the engine. So if you don’t change the filter over time, grime and gunk will settle and cause malfunction. So, always make it a point to change the oil when it is time and also change the oil filter when needed so that the engine is always well-lubricated and is cool enough to run perfectly.

#5 Revitalize The Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning button turned on for its Air Condition

Image: istockphoto.com

In Malaysia, if you do not have proper AC in the car and if you are stuck in the jam, you will boil to death in the car. The heat levels are at an all-time high and you definitely need to ensure that your AC works at all times. Just like the AC in your homes, the one in the car can grow mildew and collect dust over time. The best thing to do is to go visit a professional every twice a year to change the filters and add more AC gas to make sure your car stays cool and refreshing. This little detail will make your car feel brand new super fast!

Having an old car does not mean that it will turn into an old pile of junk. When you regularly maintain the car and clean the interiors your old car will feel like it’s totally new and fresh. If you need more help just like our page on Facebook and follow our Twitter for easy articles to read to take care of your car!