Top 10 Mistakes People do to their Cars



1. Not Warming up your Engine

Always warm up your engine. Wait for around 30 seconds before driving off to make sure that the oil flows and is ready at the critical parts of the engine.


 2. Revving hard before the car warms up

Always wait till your engine gets to operating temperature before you accelerate quickly and rev your car hard. Never beat on a cold engine.


 3. Putting premium fuel in a car that only needs regular

You’re not helping your car. There’re no performance benefits, you don’t get better fuel economy. What Octane is, is just a measure of how hard it is for the gasoline to explode. You can see in the owner’s manual where it should state that your vehicle will perform best with regular gasoline, and premium won’t help.


 4. Changing your oils every 5,000 kms

Today’s oils are way way better than they were back then. And the 5,000 km oil change thing, is definitely a thing of the past. Today’s oils can last to 8,000 kms, 12,000 kms and some synthetic oils can even last up to 24,000 kms.
Aggiunta olio motore

 5. People don’t inspect their car often enough 

It’s important that you inspect your car, because you’re driving every day. You can’t take it for granted that your tires aren’t flat, that your oil level is correct, that you have enough coolant, and etc. What you should also do is regularly do a quick walk-around your car. Check all four tires, give them a good kick, turn your lights on, make sure your signal lights are working, make sure your brake lights are working. It will only take a couple of minutes and all this is quite simple, but it could save your life.


 6. People don’t check their tire pressure

Make sure you don’t over inflate, and make sure you don’t under inflate. The recommended tire pressure for your car can be located on the inside of the front door jam on either the drivers or passenger side.

Close-up of manometer and man hands checking tyre pressure with gauge.

 7. People don’t check their tire treads enough

It’s important to check and see how much tread depth you have left. 1.6mms is the legal limit, and you don’t want to be anywhere below that. Also look for cracks, slashes, or gauges into your tire. And the final thing is to look for the wear on the tire. The inside of the tire might be more worn out than the outside. If the tire is worn out in the middle, that means that you have over inflated the tire. If the tire is worn out on the ourside, that means that you have under inflated your tire.


 8.People don’t check their spare tire

They forget about it, they just leave it there, and when they need it, it’s flat. What good does a flat spare tire do? Nothing. So make sure you fill it up with air, and locate where the air is coming out from if it’s flat.


 9. People don’t read the owner’s manual

Reading the owner’s manual is one of the most fundamental things you should do when you first get your car. It’s simple, and only takes a couple of hours. By then you should what every button does in your car, what every gauge means in your car, etc. Also, every car is different, so if you’re driving from one car to another, you should know the difference between the two cars.


 10. People don’t know how to clean their car properly

One of the common issues is when people use paper towel on their paint, or when people don’t use any liquid when they use a towel on their paint. You need to have some kind of lubricant, and you shouldn’t be using paper towels when it comes to your paint. What you should use instead is a micro-fiber cloth, and have some type of lubricant. Click here to find out the Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes.